$25 a month to Sponsor your business.

Thank you for considering HELLO Salado, Texas as your preferred advertising platform. Upon receipt of payment, you have two options:

Option A: Reply to the confirmation email with the following details, and our team will design your ad:

  1. Contact information and specific details pertaining to your advertisement.

  2. Up to three accompanying pictures for your ad.

  3. Up to two hyperlinks directing viewers to your desired destinations.

  4. Up to two preferred color choices for your advertisement.

    Option B: Do nothing and our design team will create an ad for your business based on your website and social media platforms. The completed ad will be published within 48 hours.

We prioritize your satisfaction and are readily available to accommodate any necessary modifications. Do not hesitate to reach out to us via email with your requests. As part of your subscription, you will receive one monthly update. To ensure the continued relevance of your advertisement, kindly forward any updates or alterations before the commencement of each month. For those preferring face-to-face interactions, in-person appointments can be arranged and I will come to your establishment.

Additionally, if you would like to receive a complimentary HELLO Salado, Texas sticker, please notify us accordingly. Thank you once again for entrusting us with your advertising needs. We look forward to a successful partnership.